West Central FloridaHealthcare’ Recruiters Association



 1987 – 1990


The first meeting of the Florida West Coast Recruiters was held in July of 1987. The group was formed to discuss the nursing shortages in the Tampa Bay Area. Records form this meeting show attendance included several of the same hospitals still involved today!! St Anthony’s, Bayfront,St. Joseph’s, University Community, SarasotaMemorial Hospital, Lakeland Regional Medical Center,  and Veterans Administration.  Remarkably there were even a few names on the attendance list that are very familiar to us today,  Kit Threkel and Ginny Hay.


Dues were established at $15.00 and an initial $15.00 fee, officers and bylaws were established, committees were formed and the group affiliated with National.


Membership grew over the next few years to 29 members in 8/88, 32 members in 7/89 and 34 in 1990. Attendance (where records were available) seemed to be constant between 11-21 with an average meeting attendance at about 15. Discussion topics included many job fairs and trips to all over to recruit. New grads, retention, travelers, interviewing skills, H1 Visas with a visit in 2/89 from Sara Tobacman drawing 21 in attendance.

The finances of the organization continued to climb to $1101.70 in 7/89 and dropped to $462.89 in 10/90.

The survey committee was busy gathering information regarding benefits, salaries for recruitment purposes as well as salaries among recruiters. Outcome from the surveys is not in the archives.


 1991 – 1994


The next few years showed topics of discussion to be very similar including a guest speaker on the AMA 9/91, Healthcare Reform, and Stress Reduction in 1992. A donation to the Salvation Army was made from an ornament auction.


Dues increased to $20.00 in 1990 and membership wavered for 26 in 6/91 to 15 in 8/92 to 33 in 6/93 to 45 in 2/94.


Finances were up to $993.30 in 6/91 and down some over the next two years but back to $879.55 in 6/93.


 1994 – 1996


A speakers bureau was formed in 1993. No records of how active or the outcome were in the archives. Seasonal staffing difficulties were a new issue of discussion as well as a regular topic of where to hold the meetings. (Most of the meetings seemed to be held inTampaor St Pete) . One of the most popular meetings year after year seems to be the annual Christmas party.

In February of 1994 goals were set for the organization including objectives to increase membership. Topics still include employee relations and retention and PT, OT recruitment issues surfaced. An increase in LPN hiring as well as a move to Patient Focus Care were now discussion items.

Discussion regarding group organization and leadership begin to surface ie.  rotating chairpersons vs president, quarterly meetings, etc. No membership information available. Only attendance records for 2 meetings in 94, 2/94 16 and 8/94 20.For the next year and one half the leadership of the organization was run on a volunteer basis.

1995 held 5 meetings, 6 were scheduled but the August meeting was canceled due to inclement weather. Attendance ranged from 10 to 17 at these meetings. Members went from 24 in March to 29 in October and funds were at $1309.92 in April to $1759.92 in October.

Job fairs, recruiting trips, background checks, greencard sponsorship, nurses day, recruiters day, open positions and hard to fill areas as well as innovative advertising ideas seemed to be items for discussion.

The April 1995 meeting was held as a brainstorming session to set goals for the future. It was agreed by the group that our purpose included: networking, education, an exchange of information and to

become familiar with each other, our responsibilities, and structures. The April meeting was a spring board for a clear direction to regain a worthwhile organization.

In December 1995 bylaws change passed to include vendor members.




In January of 1996 a business planning meeting was held and things started to move forward. We scheduled monthly meetings with a few exceptions. We planned for speakers, election of officers and

development of a newsletter. A vote was held in February of 1996 to include 6 vendor members. It passed and in March we welcomed our vendors for their term til July of 1998. Discussions seemed to be the same including, background checks, references and criminal and relocation.

March 1996 we met during the FHA conference in Orlando, 18 members attended. April 1996 we named the newsletter!! Our first issue scheduled to come out in Aug of 1996, 19 members were present and

the nominations officers was presented. A survey committee was formed for a survey to gather information and increase membership. Several committees were formed, in May of 1996 We sent the survey out. Our fund balance was up to $3352.42


June of 1996 we had 23 current members, a funds balance of $3633.19 and 24 members present for our speaker presentation. The slate was voted and passed for the leadership of the organization for the next term.


 July 1, 1996 to June 30, 1997


July -  Business meeting, 19 in attendance

August –  Interviewing Skills,  22 in attendance

September/October –  Immigration Issues 21 in attendance, speaker Peter Jaensch, Attorney

November –  HR Survival in the 90s, 29 in attendance – Joint effort with The Nursing Spectrum

  1.  JCAHO Standards
  2. Applicant tracking and Employee automation
  3. Effective Labor Relations

December – Christmas Party, 28 in attendance , “When is Recess” Sandy Campbell

January –  Business meeting, 11 in attendance

February -  Round Table Discussion, 20 in attendance, Retention/Reducing Turnover

March –  No Meeting, FHA Conference and Job Fair

April -  Myers Briggs Indicator, 23 in attendance

May - No Meeting

June –  Recruiter Luncheon, Crafting Cultural Competence, Hariett Forman, The Nursing Spectrum


Our funds balance as of May 15, 1997 is $3470.30 with 45 current members and 6 institutional members for a total of 51.